“Physics Lab Fiasco” by DIANA AKALUOGBO [SSS 1]

A very peaceful morning was clustered by noises of wooden chairs hitting each other; I made my way out of the class only to be greeted by junior students making their way up the stairs. And with just a glimpse, I knew what was happening: SS2 students were moved downstairs in order to control or minimize excess movement along the hall way.

SS2 students, weren’t actually pleased with this change, they taught of it as ‘unfair’, seeing that the reason behind the movement was because an SS2 student precisely, went to the physics lab in search of his time-table, simply rumours, which may be true or false.

However, SS1 were using tables to block the hall way in order for the junior students, not to pass their corridor. The principal Mr Martins Ibobo came and yelled that we should remove the tables. The period before break, we had C.R.K test, where the teacher Mr Chuks, gave a student a hard knock on his head, for joking around. In the class when it was 12:40pm, I heard the bell for break, to my surprise upstairs was quite boring and calm, because our ‘Buccaneers’ (The SS2 Students) are downstairs. So, I hurriedly went to the dinning we ate Rice, beans and stew; which wasn’t quite bad at all.

After break, we had Extra-Curricular, which is our free period now. Mr Martins yelled at us for being idle in the class, he then told us to make ourselves busy and keep our hands at work by writing a real event of all that has happened. So I quickly took my pen and narrated a few events that is happening. After school, I went to the library, then to the hostel, took my bath, slept and went for dinner. The next on the list is prep. At Prep, everyone is busy minding their business, reading their books. Juniors are sleeping on their table, and our hostel ‘mama ’ Mrs Regina, went and yelled, they all woke up. And everyone bursts into laughter. The hostel master started yelling ‘everyone should keep quiet, if not you will be punished, if you like comply, and if you don’t like don’t comply’, but don’t make noise.

Also, we closed prep and went back to the hostel, at the common room I received a welcome of chilled air, just like when you just arrive Liverpool by sea. To my surprise, the air-conditioners were running like hurricane! I was dazzled with joy and happiness. I just took about 25 steps and landed on my bed, and next minute, no one heard my voice, not death but I was turned to sleep mode, involuntarily.

NAME: Akaluogbo Diana
DATE: 7th February 2019 
CLASS TEACHER: Mr Chukwuka Onyeso

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