“The Wedding Ceremony I Attended” by BENJAMIN SOPHIA [SSS 1].

The wedding ceremony of my church members was on November 5th, 2018. My siblings, mum and I were invited to the holy matrimony. It was the best marriage I had ever attended as it was a memorable experience.

The church proceedings were to commence by 10:00am while the reception was at 12:00 noon. The day was packed with serious activities. At 9:40am, the bride left the hotel to the church where the groom was already waiting. In the church she marched in with her father, and the marriage ceremony officially commenced. The pastor gave the sermon and prayed for and blessed the couples.

After that, they exchanged rings and they were applauded by the congregation. They were declared husband and wife. They signed their marriage certificates and everyone was filled with joy. Soon after, the procedure ended and everyone took photographs with the couples and we all quickly went to the reception.

The reception hall was beautifully decorated with flowers and other things made from papers. The brides put on their bridal dress. People admired them a lot. The hall was flooded with people and they were served with light tasty refreshment. As they waited for the wedding reception to start, the instrumentalists were entertaining the crowd, and I was one of them. The atmosphere was filled with happiness and delight. Suddenly, we heard a distance sound coming from the rare part of the hall. It was the couple. Both the brides and the grooms danced in and everyone was happy to see them. We were entertained and expressed our love for the couples with our gifts and congratulations.

Soon after, the wedding reception came to an end and the couples gave vote of thanks and the closing prayer. It was time to bid them farewell, tears filled the eyes of everyone, but they were also very happy. The wedding was fun; I really enjoyed it.


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