“Laurels Model College Inter-House Sports” by OKORO ONOME [SSS 1]

It was on a bright sunny day on the 2nd of February 2019. I was super excited that, that was the day of inter-house sports, so I dressed up and went to the venue which was at N.T.A (Nigerian Television Authority) with my mum.

When I arrived with my mum and my friend Sophia, the place was empty. I thought I came late but fortunately I came early. When I arrived at the boot allocated to my house, I met a few people. Not quite long the event started. We were told to change into our traditional attires; my house represented Ikwerre culture. My dance partners wore T-shirts but I didn’t bring mine. So my mum went to buy one, then I dressed up.

When the parade started, we were supposed to use a masquerade which was displayed by Douglas, a boy in JSS3, but the Principal of our great school, Mr Martins Ibobo, told us that the judges may disqualify us because they see masquerades as fetish. We had to remove our masquerade costumes so we don’t loose points. Our performance was astonishing, especially the girls from SSS3. Lest I forget, I was a member of Ogbugo House and the colour theme of our T-shirt was ash. The Queen of my house was looking stunning, that was Daisy Eugene, and the King was Emmanuel Ukwe.

Other houses represented other cultures: Egbuchiem house represented Kalabari culture. I noticed that their dressing was so beautiful, especially their King’s attire, it looked very heavy on him. The King of the house was Raymond and the Queen was Tariah Onari. The colour of their house was White.

Erhuvwu house represented Edo/Delta culture.They took more time to present the Edo culture and didn’t really present Delta culture. The King of the house was Edmund Erhuvwu and the Queen was Abumere Success. I noticed that the Royalties covered their nose with a handkerchief. The colour theme of their house was Green.

Bamidele house represented Efik culture and their Queen was Rachael Ogwu. They didn’t have a King. Their Queen’s dress was really pretty. The colour theme of their house was Purple.

When a house was done with their parade they sat on the grass and wait for the next house to present. When the cultural presentation was complete, we went back to our various boots and changed into our sports wear before the start of sporting event.

During the sporting events, we had a lot of students participating in various activities and theyreally did well. At a point we had tension and thought our house will take last. Parents also participated in the racing and eating events, alongside the teachers.

Lest I forget, there was a Novelty football match between male parents and male teachers before the start of other events. The match had no goals during full time play and had to go into penalties. The penalty shootout was unending, so the referee ended the shootout and declared the parents winners as they were the away team.

It was finally time for the results to be called out. Ogbugo house took 1st in dance competition and Egbuchiem house took 1st position for their attire. Overall, Erhuvwu house came 4th. Bamidele house took 3rd position, Ogbugo House (which was my house) came 2nd and Egbuchiem took 1st position.

At the end of the inter-house sports, I felt so happy with our results. Members of Ogbugo house were given ‘Bole’ and it was really nice. This is my best inter-house sports ever. It was a very great experience.

NAME: Okoro Onome Eunice
DATE: 7th February 2019
CLASS TEACHER: Miss Stella Ogugua.

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