Laurels Model College is an international School where every student matters. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education with over three hundred students. We implement a hybrid curriculum, which is derived from the Nigerian, British and Canadian curricula that meets international standards.

Our school is recognized and celebrated for the strength of its programmes, its warm and nurturing culture. We are a school that has worked hard over the years to provide quality education to all our students and provide them with opportunities to develop. Our commitment is to know and care for every student.




The school has a policy of recruiting the best hands, both locally and internationally to deliver the best teaching method to meet the academic yearning of our students.

Coupled with a healthy ratio of one teacher to 20 students.

 *National and International Competition* 

Our students have done extremely well in science competitions (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

 *Extracurricular activities* 

At Laurels schools we place in high esteem the development of personal attributes and skill acquisition which will lead to astronomical growth in the academics and sporting prowess and other areas of the lives of our students. Hence, every child is made to pass through the following clubs;

1. Fashion club

2. Culinary club

3. Games club

4. Music club

5. Leadership club

 *National and International exams taken at LMC* 

1. International General Certificate of Secondary Education: IGCSE

2. West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WAS


3. National Examination Council (SSCE)

4. National Examination Council (BECE)

5. Rivers State Ministry of Education Basic Education Certificate Examination

The success of our student in the above examination is just over 95.6%.


We believe that constant practice makes one better. Hence, our students engage in CBT practice from early classes closely monitored by seasoned examiners . This has made our SS3 student excel in JAMB examinations.

LMC is a school which always put to remembrance  the reason the school is here. 

So that our students, can become the best person any school can help grow, shape and graduate from anywhere, at any time.

We look forward to having your ward in our school.