“My Favourite Holiday Experience” – by Noble Gamde.


Holiday is a time when you are not at work or school. You can say that holiday is a period of rest. It is also a time when people spend their days doing personal things with little or no restriction from parents or place of work. During holidays, people usually travel to places. My favourite holiday experience was in December 2018. My entire family travelled to the village. On our way from Port Harcourt, we made a stop at a hotel in Enugu State where we lodged for some days.…

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“Why Computer Studies is my Favourite Subject” – by Ken Ugwa.

A favourite subject actually means a particular subject that is liked the most. When a child calls a subject favourite, it means that the child enjoys studying it and also gets good scores. There are some pupils who do well in all subjects but each of them still have favourite subject. Computer Studies is my favourite subject. I started liking this subject since I was five (5) years old. I had developed the habit of pressing the keyboard with my mother’s laptop. My mother told me that computer rules the…

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“How I Spent the Mid-Term Break” by Joseph Elele


Mid-term break is the holiday in the middle of the term, making allowance for rest. I wished it was a full holiday because I wanted to go to Singapore but it did not happen. Immediately I came back from school on Thursday, my mum told me to prepare for a trip to Lagos and that we were going to music studios, French Village and that we were going to have a party. She also said that we will be staying in my cousin’s house in Lagos. The next day, mum…

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