“Why Computer Studies is my Favourite Subject” – by Ken Ugwa.

A favourite subject actually means a particular subject that is liked the most. When a child calls a subject favourite, it means that the child enjoys studying it and also gets good scores. There are some pupils who do well in all subjects but each of them still have favourite subject.

Computer Studies is my favourite subject. I started liking this subject since I was five (5) years old. I had developed the habit of pressing the keyboard with my mother’s laptop. My mother told me that computer rules the world.  At Laurels Montessori School, we call it Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

There are many other reasons why I enjoy ICT. My ICT teacher, Mr Balogun at Laurels Montessori School opened my eyes more when he said that anything can be done with a computer. It can also help me understand other subjects too.  This can be done by watching videos of photosynthesis after learning about the topic in the science class. We do that usually at Laurels Montessori School.

Computer has the capacity to store large volume of information. Information in the raw form is called data. Data is entered into the computer through input devices such as keyboard, mouse, microphone, webcam and so on. Teachers can keep scores of pupils and also do research using a computer. Doctors can use a computer camera to carryout surgical operation while pastors can reach many people through the internet.

I like Computer Studies because of what I have learnt and what I can do with it.

Name: Noble Ken-Ugwa
Class: Grade 4.
Date: 22nd November, 2019.


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