Class Excursion to The National Museum


Museum is a building where historical objects are kept. It is also a place where research, reading and learning about ancient things occur. There are different types of museums; historical museum, war museum, art museum, ethnographic museum, etc.

My class went on a visit on excursion to the National Museum, Port Harcourt. It was on Thursday, November 07, 2019. The experience was full of learning but the place was a bit unkempt. The museum had two galleries, the social and economic life. Port Harcourt Museum is an ethnographic museum because it contains historical and geographical materials. The curator is in charge of a museum.  

I learned some things like the stories of King Jaja and Queen Idia. Jaja was eleven years old when he kidnapped and sent as a slave to Bonny Kingdom, from Amigbo to Bonny. Jaja had always been a hardworking boy, even as a slave. He worked very hard and became a free man.

One day, the king of Bonny died and people started fighting and killing to succeed him but Jaja canoed with his family to a place and named it Opobo. He became the king and he was titled “King Jaja of Opobo”.

While at the museum, I also learned about Queen Idia. Queen Idia was a warrior and fought in battles, leading her soldiers at the front. People said that when she is losing a battle she will disappear to train more soldiers and win. They also said that she had magical powers to heal injured soldiers and protect her son. The son appreciated her by building a tall, fine house for his mother. The people she ruled were not satisfied so they gave the title “Queen Mother”. While I did not enjoy the environment of the Museum, I enjoyed the things that I learned. I have even learned some of them in my school.

Name: Joseph Elele
Class: Grade 5.
Date: 19th June, 2019.


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