“My Favourite Sport” by Olivia Chukwujekwu


Sport is an activity that is done for pleasure that needs physical or mental skill, with specific rules. There are different types of sports; some are chess, handball and football.

My favourite sport is chess. The reason is that chess boosts my thinking capacity and it enables me to understand mathematics. I think other sports like football and handball are just games that keep you busy.

In chess, there are six pieces; the Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen and King. You must know how these pieces move. The Pawns move only forward, one space at a time. The Rook moves backward, forward and sideways through any square. The Knight moves in an L shape, forward and backward and sideways. The bishop moves in a straight line diagonally on the board. The Queen moves in any direction to any limit. The King moves in any direction one square at a time.

Capturing the King ends the game. I like Chess because it is a brain-building game and it is fun.

Name: Olivia Chukwujekwu
Class: Grade 5
Date: 8th November, 2019.


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