“How I Spent the Mid-Term Break” by Joseph Elele


Mid-term break is the holiday in the middle of the term, making allowance for rest.

I wished it was a full holiday because I wanted to go to Singapore but it did not happen.

Immediately I came back from school on Thursday, my mum told me to prepare for a trip to Lagos and that we were going to music studios, French Village and that we were going to have a party. She also said that we will be staying in my cousin’s house in Lagos.

The next day, mum woke me up very early in the morning so that I can get ready on time. The plan was for us to start moving at exactly 11: 00 a.m., and that was when we drove off to the airport. We got to the airport, bought tickets and some people helped us with our luggage to the airplane. The plane taxied at 1:11 p.m., unfortunately, I forgot to put on the seat belt. I did not like it when a passenger helped me with it, because I like doing things myself. My abdomen hurt while I fell asleep in the sky. I was so excited when our flight arrived. I knew Lagos is a very beautiful place, I did know it was this amazing.

My mum and I took an Uber to my cousin’s place. I played a lot, my aunt loves music, so she put on the radio and we all danced to the tunes.

On Saturday, we had a wonderful party. It was terrific, full of dance, music and laughter. We came back to Port Harcourt on Sunday to prepare for school.

I enjoyed my mid-term break, it was unforgettable. If the mid-term holiday was this wonderful, I wonder how the Christmas will be.  

Name: Joseph Elele
Class: Grade 5.
Date: 19th June, 2019.


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