“My School” by Olivia Chukwujekwu.


A school is a place where people go to learn and be educated. There are many types of school example, government school, private school, driving school, colleges, universities, etc.

The name of my school is Laurels Montessori School. My school is located at number 80/89 Mini Orlu road, Port Harcourt, Rivers state. My school uniform is white shirt with navy blue trousers for the boys while the girls put on white shirt and navy blue skirt and sometimes navy blue gown with white shirt. Our sportswear is navy blue short with any colour of T-shirt having our Laurels logo on it.

The classrooms have chart boards, white marker boards, a clock, lovely curtains, shelves with beautiful wall paintings. Our class room size is usually fifteen pupils to a teacher. Our teachers are well educated, loving and caring and they also attend to our individual academic needs. We also have other teachers that come to teach us special subjects like diction, French, fine arts, music and computer.

We have extracurricular activities like Ballet, Karate, Music club, baking, ICT, etc. We have sport activities like football, basketball, swimming, racing, sack race, egg race. We have club activities like book club, maths club, science club and football club. We also carry out our science practical activity in our science laboratory. My school has a big activity room where videos are watched and other activities are carried out. My school has a big generator that powers the whole school all through the day. My school compound is big and neat.

I will recommend my school to all parents in Rivers State because my school is the best.

Name: Olivia Chukwujekwu
Class: Grade 4
Date: 19th June, 2019.


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